Writing a SoP sample is very responsible and challenging. It requires focus and certain writing skills. Even if you are a talented writer, sometimes it is hard to know what to include in your statement. This is why you need to go through the SoP samples for PhD to get a better understanding of how your statement of purpose for PhD should look like. Before you proceed to SoP examples, we would like to provide you with simple tips that make a huge difference.

How to Write a Good SOP for PhD

  1. Follow the admission requirements when writing a SoP for PhD application.
  2. Think about the readers of your statement of purpose and write for them. Be sincere and authentic, and put the formulaic phrases aside.
  3. In the statement, demonstrate your genuine interest in the program or field. Your statement of purpose should be customized for the specific school. 
  4. Don’t skip the outline. Writing your first draft of the statement is very important.
  5. Make your statement of purpose for PhD concise and straight to the point. 
  6. Do not exceed the word count limit. Your SoP PhD is not an autobiography, so include only relevant details.
  7. Reread your statement of purpose and make corrections. Make sure that it is free of mistakes and has a logical flow.
  8. Ask someone to review the statement of purpose. It is hard to assess your own writing objectively, so an outside perspective helps a lot.

PhD SOP Sample: How to Start Your Statement of Purpose

PhD SoP sample can be very helpful in the process of writing your own statement of purpose. Free samples will provide insight on how your SoP should be structured, what language and style to use, and what details to include in the statement of purpose.

SOP Samples for PhD in Physics

Don’t know what to write in the statement of purpose? Here is a short version of one of the free SoP samples for PhD in physics:

Since early childhood, I’ve been fascinated by the fact that physics explains phenomena we experience in everyday life, as well as phenomena that are beyond our usual perception. This childhood fascination in the field of physics determined my college choice and, I might say, my path in life. During the period of studying, my interest in complex phenomena increased.

I wanted to know how they affect the world we live in, the society in general, and each one of us. I’ve chosen an interdisciplinary degree – Physics and Environmental Science. My dream is to become a researcher and explore ways of storage and disposal for radioactive waste that comes from hospitals. My aim is to find effective methods of reducing their effect on the environment.

Upon completing the college degree, I’ve gained valuable work experience.

I worked in an Environmental Protection Agency for almost two years. My responsibilities included examining the sites of radioactive leakage and measuring the damage. This experience motivated me to pursue PhD in Physics so I could find ways to control such situations. I want to be equipped with the necessary knowledge that will allow me to conduct important experiences and find effective ways of managing radioactive waste. 

I’ve chosen the University of Chicago because of its brilliant reputation, the opportunities and mentorship it can provide. On my part, I believe that I am capable of making a meaningful contribution to the community. I’m sure that my practical experience, strong motivation, and readiness to face challenges will help me along the way.

SOP Samples for PhD in Physics Chemistry

This is the introducing part of one of the SoP samples for PhD in chemistry:

Chemistry has interested me since I was a kid. I attended high school in Ukraine and wasn’t satisfied with the standard program, especially when it came to Chemistry. That is why I decided to study in Chemical High School in Kyiv, which had a strong program. In this school, I was able to obtain valuable knowledge and win two Chemistry Olympiads.

Upon high school graduation, I got accepted into the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. By April 2021, my undergraduate studies will be completed. In the Chemistry Department, students take undergraduate courses and conduct researches at the Academy.

My intention is to continue chemistry researches. I aim for PhD because I believe it will provide the necessary experience and valuable knowledge in the field of chemistry. I have chosen Carnegie Mellon University because it has a brilliant reputation and provides many opportunities for aspiring students who pursue chemistry research work. 

SOP Samples for PhD in Computer Science

Looking for free SoP samples for PhD in this field? Consider this piece:

To me, computer science is so much more than programming or data structures. All technological machinery is based on computer science, be it hardware or software. My genuine interest in this field first showed when my uncle took apart his old computer and explained how everything worked. That day I knew I was going to be involved in computers.

I started learning more about computers – everything I could, really. Soon I realized that software development became more popular than research and discovery. I believe that pursuing PhD in Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will enable me to conduct meaningful researches in the field of Computer Science.

When I was a college student, I focused more on software development. Upon graduation, I have gained some experience working as a programmer at a local computing company. I designed software solutions for corporate usage.

SOP Samples for PhD in Biology

Consider this statement of purpose, if you need free SoP samples for PhD in Biology:

Since I was a little girl, becoming a scientist has been my cherished dream. I have been brought up in a secure family, where education has always been prioritized. I am very thankful to my parents, who instilled me with principles and values that help me through life.

Major concepts of biology fascinated and intrigued me in school. I tried to learn everything I could about cells, tissues, genes, microbes, etc. I love to obtain knowledge from different areas, without restricting myself to one particular field. I was always careful when selecting various subjects in the process of studying. Being aware of numerous challenges, for my bachelor’s degree, I’ve chosen a double main course with Microbiology and Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology.

I got vast practical knowledge in the field of biology while working in the laboratory during classroom seminars. I learned a lot about cell biology, food, and dairy microbiology, etc. Taking an active role in giving a seminar was a usual thing for me. I organized many inter-departmental events and developed strong leadership skills. Now I have the necessary knowledge that will help me succeed in my studies and future research work. 

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