To become a graduate school student, college student or to get any higher degree, you will surely need to create a statement of purpose. A statement of purpose template surely helps a lot, but it still does not guarantee you a great paper. Your task is to impress the screening committee. 

Thus, your statement of purpose should be attention-grabbing. Of course, you’re not obliged to be an outstanding writer to do that, but having basic knowledge about writing a SOP is a must.

Statement Of Purpose MBA Template

Before starting to work on it, understand that you have to present a story that would encourage the committee to grant you a chance to get your diploma. A statement of purpose for MBA template would be quite helpful if you already possess certain knowledge on how to complete at least an outline. 

But if you have no idea what a statement of purpose is and what it consists of, then it is crucial to get some knowledge first. Find out everything you need to know about a statement of purpose below.

The Constituents Of A Statement Of Purpose Template MBA

A well-written statement of purpose includes lots of information helping you to pursue a degree in a particular field. It is not a simple application letter, and your attitude towards it should be quite serious. You are aimed at impressing the screening committee of your university, so make sure to include the following components.

What Are Aimed At And Interested In

A graduate school student is should have goals, so show the university committee what your desired accomplishments are. But don’t be abstract because you have to show particular interests that will help you reach those accomplishments. Having interests and goals is a must when you pursue a master’s degree.

Your Experience

Having relevant experience is crucial for creating a quality statement of purpose, regardless of the field you pursue. To be more accurate, it is important for your screening committee. But avoid mentioning all the experience you have acknowledged but just the relevant one to their program.

It will help the school board know if you can handle their curriculum. Do not forget to include some examples that prove your experience. But don’t exaggerate and provide only relevant and real examples. If you provide fake information, they will mention it.

The Reasons For Which You Are The Best Candidate

Your statement of purpose is not only to present you as a candidate but also to show why you are the most proper candidate for the program. Make sure to provide the most convincing reasons.

Excellent Writing Skills

Now, this information shouldn’t be new to you –to create a brilliant statement of purpose template, and you should show excellent writing skills regardless of the degree – a PhD or MBA. Nothing spoils the impression of a candidate as grammar mistakes or poorly written papers. 

So let your screening committee know that you are not only a highly experienced graduate but also a fully mature candidate who can present him/herself in the best possible manner. 

Statement Of Purpose Format Template And Size

The statement of purpose format template is standard and supposes:

  • Times New Roman 12 font;
  • 1.5 spacing;
  • 1-inch margin.

Such a SOP (statement of purpose) format makes it readable. However, the formatting doesn’t bring you any extra points. You can impress your screening committee only by high-quality content.

A statement of purpose or SOP size should also be standard:

  • US legal;
  • US letter;
  • A4.

But check out the requirements of your graduate school or university in advance to see what SOP size they require for a master’s program. 

Statement Of Purpose Outline Template Types

If you only study and do not know much about a statement of purpose, you should realize there are different SOP types:

  • Statement of purpose for a Master’s degree;
  • Statement of purpose for doctor’s degree;
  • Statement of purpose for businesses.

SOP For Master’s Degree

In this SOP type, you should tell about your goals and interests when you pursue a Master’s degree. Getting a Master’s degree helps to occupy a leading position in the future. If you want to switch careers, that degree will also be useful. In this case, you can use a statement of purpose template for Master’s to have a better understanding of what to do.


If you pursue a doctor’s degree, use a statement of purpose template for PhD, and provide as many details as possible to describe your academic experience. Mention previous projects you worked on as well as your reasons for choosing the field.

Since a PhD is the highest degree you can get, you should possess enough experience in the field of study. Convince the university board, your experience in the field is more than enough to pursue their program. 

Statement Of Purpose For MBA

A statement of purpose template MBA is a bit different from two previous SOP types. It aims to determine the main goals of the company. In short, this template helps the company create its business goals. 

How To Create A Successful Statement Of Purpose

Using a statement of purpose template word would be quite efficient if you know exactly how to write a statement of purpose on your own. You can create a successful template by following such steps.


The introduction to your SOP template should contain a catchy story that would make you stand out the crowd and grab the attention of the screening commission. Your story should be brief but very informative, presenting your background that is relevant to the field you pursue. It should be written professionally to evoke the readers keep reading your SOP until the very end. 

Explain Your Interest In That Field Of Study

Now explain why you pursue that particular field of study. Avoid being generic but as specific as possible. For example:

  • Mention your experience in this field;
  • What skills you want to get for that area of study;
  • Answer all the questions that may arise on why you decided to choose this career.

Prove Your Story

This part is probably the most important for your statement of purpose outline template. Provide your best skills and experience that would make you match the program perfectly. Any achievements relevant to that area of study are to be included. 

Mention previous projects or internships. Show how they all assisted you in pursuing your goal. But remain brief and be limited with not more than two paragraphs.

Summarize It With A Statement Of Purpose Conclusion

This part should be even stronger than all the previous ones. Now you should mention your plans for the future. You should show:

  • A clear vision of how you want to develop in that area of study;
  • How serious you are about the program and future career. 

Proofread And Edit Your Statement

To apply for a graduate program at a university, you have to submit a perfect paper. But don’t hurry up because it has to be polished. First of all, you should write an outline. Once the outline is complete, you should put it aside and get back to it some time again.

Check it for all typos and grammar mistakes, make sure all the information is relevant. If some paragraphs require rewriting, do it. No matter what area you are writing a statement of purpose template, engineering, or the other one, it should be flawless.  No matter whether you pursue a master’s degree, PhD, or MBA, use a template to facilitate the writing process and always try to stand out.

If you have any problems with writing a SOP, or you jst have no time to make it brilliant, you may ask professionals to help. They all passed this step in their life. Thus, they know all the trciks to make the best SOP.

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